"Hello, World!"


printf(” Hello, World!”);
cout<<“Hello, World”;
print “Hello, World!”
System.out.println(“Hello, World!”);

“Hello, World!” is more than just a string. Its the mark of starting a new venture. More seen in technology than anywhere else.
With the spirit of  hardcore technology,  TechCorner group starts-off.

This is  a “Hello, World!” post from the admin. Hope we have ultimate tech experience here.


Submitting a form via AJAX

Ok so here is a very simple yet descriptive example how web-forms can be submitted using AJAX. This is an advanced tutorial, so although I’ll try to explain everything, I am assuming that the reader has a basic understanding of php and javascript.

AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. Its a client side method to communicate data with a server. Asynchronous means that this communication can take place without interfering with other client side processes. (As we’ll see later, the asynchronous part is optional). Javascript is the main framework where AJAX works and XML is a format in which data might be communicated. Although this is not necessary. Data might be communicated in text, JSON, etc formats also.

Lets jump right in and look at this live demo.

Ok, lets look at the code now. The HTML structure is something like this:

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Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 Banner
Everyone remembers Crysis and Warhead, the graphics which redefined modern game graphics, the nanosuit the aliens , the story and the best gameplay the Gaming industry had seen in a really long time. With all this said, Crysis 2 had to live up to its standards.
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Portal – 2

Finally I got a chance to get back to gaming with Grid and Portal-2. I was very happy to get Portal-2 in first place. I liked the first part a lot. The game provides player only one weapon and an awesome game-play. For those who didn’t play Portal, I would say that play the first edition to get into the feel of ‘Portals’.

Before I start, this post is not a walk-through or chapter-wise guide or something similar to that. Its just my take on the game.

Game Engine / Graphics:
Portal is designed on Source Engine, used in Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead. The environment has great detail and physics. Well don’t we all love great detail and physics? 😀

For people who are expecting Crysis like graphics, Sorry. The game has just enough graphics to enjoy. I was enjoying the game on my 1080p monitor just when the game crashed due to GPU overload. More on this later.

Challenge Room

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Socket Programming

Anyone who has done some kind of network programming will be aware of the concept of sockets.
For those,who haven’t ever done it,this may be a very good place to start.

Me and 2 of my friends recently created a chat-server application using sockets in C in linux environment.What happened was,that once server-client connection was established,when a client would send some data to the server,the server would send the data to all the other clients.It was a localhost appplication however,and the primary purpose was interprocess communication implemented as a chat application. Continue reading

Changing Body Background Image Using Javascript

Things are getting weirder.
So I was trying to set the background image of a website using javascript. The requirement was to set an image as a background and then setting the parameters background-position as center and background-repeat as no-repeat. So here was my initial code:

document.body.style.background = “url(images/middle-bg.jpg)”;
document.body.style.background-position = “center”;
document.body.style.background-repeat = “no-repeat”;


I tried variations, searched the forums. There were variations like
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C / C++ Programming in Linux – For starters

I have had a lot of requests on snippets of how to do C/C++ programming in Linux.
Thanks to KS sir ( yeah Khushil Saini sir) for giving us intro a proper way. Without him, I would have probably used DevCpp and lived on Windows. I will try to keep it short and simple unlike his notes 🙂

Linux used is Ubuntu (any version will do). Language considered: C/C++ Continue reading