Portal – 2

Finally I got a chance to get back to gaming with Grid and Portal-2. I was very happy to get Portal-2 in first place. I liked the first part a lot. The game provides player only one weapon and an awesome game-play. For those who didn’t play Portal, I would say that play the first edition to get into the feel of ‘Portals’.

Before I start, this post is not a walk-through or chapter-wise guide or something similar to that. Its just my take on the game.

Game Engine / Graphics:
Portal is designed on Source Engine, used in Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead. The environment has great detail and physics. Well don’t we all love great detail and physics? 😀

For people who are expecting Crysis like graphics, Sorry. The game has just enough graphics to enjoy. I was enjoying the game on my 1080p monitor just when the game crashed due to GPU overload. More on this later.

Challenge Room

Game-Play / Story:
Unlike first part, Portal-2 starting is a very dramatic entry of the original Character. The story is lifted from where it was left in the first part. At the starting itself player will feel a bit of difference in the quality of graphics. I couldn’t feel much myself, but who is playing this game for graphics anyways!
Again, your character is a test subject put in through a lots and lots of  Tests at a Research Center, Aperture to be precise. You are left in a room with exit at some place, and to reach to it you have to solve a puzzle using your portal device and physics ;).

No EXIT!! This is tricky...

For those who played Portal, there’s a new addition as character “Wheatley”. Apart from this, there are some new additions in puzzles and props, that I won’t spill here. All I can say is without them, game would have been very boring. Valve has really put in great minds to design puzzles this time. I had to look up in walk-through to get past two levels. 😦 Kudos to Valve!
The evil machine GLaDOS makes a come back, as many can guess.

Its been a long time...

Will I promote this game for free… :
This game needs no promotion. When Portal came, it was a game of it’s kind. No villains to hit and shoot, just a portal device and make your way through by staying away from sensors and detectors. Valve kept the legacy high again.

I felt angry at… :
Sometimes, there are places where we just get stranded! Like I said before, had to even consult a walkthrough to solve two levels (where I got stuck extremely bad). Nevertheless, the game is not annoying one.

Many of you must be thinking what happened to the GPU overload thing. The graphics of this game are good, better I must say. I had some problem in playing where the surrounding was huge. It was really giving an impression of HUGE space on a 22″ monitor. People will better graphics cards like hd 5770 and above can experience the best graphics at 1080p.
Looking at the hardware constraints, I had to play the game at 720p, medium settings.

I would say, just play it. The game is meant to be played ad exercise your mind, unlike some random shooting games. The game truly deserves a 9 out of 10.

A slide show of some screencaps that I took

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They don’t represent the actual graphics. Output will vary on systems to systems.


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