Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 Banner
Everyone remembers Crysis and Warhead, the graphics which redefined modern game graphics, the nanosuit the aliens , the story and the best gameplay the Gaming industry had seen in a really long time. With all this said, Crysis 2 had to live up to its standards.

Subsurface Scattering Crysis

Subsurface Scattering in Crysis

Crysis 2 begins with a video showing Prophet (a character from crysis) who later on saves Alcatraz (The protagonist) and gives him the nano suit. And thus begins the players journey through the now falling apart concrete jungle.
The gameplay hasnt changed much. The suit still has the armor and cloak mode , while speed and strength have been combined into one and can be accessed by pressing the required key for a prolonged peroid of time. With the armor mode activated you can hear your loud footseps now. And unlike before, the nano suit energy drains if you are not being damaged in armor mode, so you cannot walk GOD.
The game AI has also changed, so if you are not in your armor or cloak mode and the enemy catches you, you will be respawning soon. So its not all Superman unlike the prequel.

The HUD in Crysis 2 Campaign Mode

The nano suit in the game is upgradable.You get nano points by killing aliens and collecting them.
The aliens are more “Alien vs Predator” like aliens , unlike the Matrix Machine type aliens in Crysis 1.
They are more agile, aggressive and smart (Really great work with the AI this time, although once in a while even they go brain dead) .

They look like a nanosuit in life.

The graphics in Crysis 2 was a dissappointment. With all the piracy going on with PC games and the standard harware available on consoles, the developers now tend to attend to consoles first and then port the games to PC. And thanks to this , Crysis 2 uses , DX9 graphics.Which obviously is not as good graphics as expected from its 3 year old prequel. The graphics panel in the main menu doesnt even have any advanced settings. Lots of graphic goodies available in Crysis 1 are now unavailable in crysis two. The quality of lighting system from crysis 1 has be lowered to support the huge level of detail and texture .There is no dynamic interaction between the player and the enviornment as well.The water quality is poor.

Lighting in Crysis 2

Lighting in Crysis 2

Although all this changes a little bit after the new 3 GB patch( DX11 + texture patch) that crytek has made available to unlocks most of the missing features a modern generation PC game specially with the name Crysis should have. But even still its hard to say which game still stands with the best graphics. The level of detail the designers and coders have given to each stage is amazing though. The Birds actually fly off the ground when you go near them. Even water interactions are enabled after the patch.
Here is how it looks after the patch ::

One down side some users might feel is the quick save feature. The users will now have to wait for the checkpoints to save their games.On an overall its a very good game , like nothing out there in the market at the moment. The Gameplay and graphics though different (not bad, differet) from its prequel are good in their own way. Its a 9/10 . Although unlike last time , it has nothing of the sort ‘A generation Ahead’ to offer.
Crysis Banner


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