A History of Antennas

Ok, so what’s an Antenna?
An Antenna is a transitional structure between free space and the guiding device.
In simple terms, Antenna is a structure which takes the signals from the guiding device and transmits into free space.

So how did it came into being? Let’s reflect upon it’s history. Continue reading


Difference between ROM and PROM


ROM : Read Only Memory
PROM : Programmable Read Only Memory

It had me confused for some time. But now I know for sure.

The similarity between ROM and PROM is that the program can be burned only once in both of them and it stays there forever. For the difference part, there are two major differences:
1. When the power is turned off to the system, PROM retains the data in it while it is erased in case of ROM
2. While to program is burned in ROM at the time of manufacture, in the case of PROM, nothing inside the memory at the time of manufacture. For burning program into it, a special hardware is required known as PROM programmer or PROM burner.

I couldn’t find a proper video programming the PROM, but here is something similar for EPROM.
PS: Hey, an interesting thing about EPROM is that it is erased using ultraviolet light. Fancy watching that live.