Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 Banner
Everyone remembers Crysis and Warhead, the graphics which redefined modern game graphics, the nanosuit the aliens , the story and the best gameplay the Gaming industry had seen in a really long time. With all this said, Crysis 2 had to live up to its standards.
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Portal – 2

Finally I got a chance to get back to gaming with Grid and Portal-2. I was very happy to get Portal-2 in first place. I liked the first part a lot. The game provides player only one weapon and an awesome game-play. For those who didn’t play Portal, I would say that play the first edition to get into the feel of ‘Portals’.

Before I start, this post is not a walk-through or chapter-wise guide or something similar to that. Its just my take on the game.

Game Engine / Graphics:
Portal is designed on Source Engine, used in Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead. The environment has great detail and physics. Well don’t we all love great detail and physics? 😀

For people who are expecting Crysis like graphics, Sorry. The game has just enough graphics to enjoy. I was enjoying the game on my 1080p monitor just when the game crashed due to GPU overload. More on this later.

Challenge Room

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Fear the Future (Metro 2033)




Finally finished the game "Metro 2033" which started quite dull , boring and a complete S.T.A.L.K.E.R rip-off with nothing new to give,but ended up being even better than stalker and among my favourite games!
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Welcome to The World of Rapture


Just finished playing Bioshock ‘1’. Ok yes, maybe quite late for a gamer like me (Hey i had some important exams).Well the game is just WOW. Has a very lasting impression on the players mind.The game has very good graphics and the best water effects i have seen in any game so far.Add the full surround sound and a HD monitor with the lights turned off and you have the gamer scared to hell!

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