Sharing files with a google group using google docs!

Hey fellas,
Here’s what I have after an evening head-scratching finding some way to allow users having gmail accounts to share files with google groups, since now the file sharing feature is being discontinued.
Yeah I know, you might shout at me to use yahoo groups instead. But hey reconsider the conditions highlighted in the above statement.
I wouldn’t mind a little appreciation. 🙂


HTML5 browser test


Now this is interesting. Open the website from your browser.
It shows the performance score of the browser in html5 support out of 300.
I tested the same for some of the latest browsers and here’s what I have:
Lets start with the lowest score:

Internet Explorer 8

As expected, this bro here is a little old. It came out in 2009, when most of us haven’t even heard of html5. So I was kind of surprised that it wasn’t a Zero.

Internet Explorer 9
Now this was a little disappointing. IE9 promised html5 compatibility. Was expecting atleast 200. Anyways, it’s still in the beta version. Let’s see how much better the stable version is.

Firefox 3.6
It was released in January 2010. A very average score considering it being an open source software. But they really did make up in the new 4.0 beta version. Except for it’s UI getting slow sometimes, firefox is, I think, the best browser out there. Being open source gives an ethical touch to this constantly evolving monster.

Opera 11
I am in love with opera now a days. Unlike firefox, the UI looks light weight and is fast indeed. And is not very disappointing on the html5 front either. Apart from a decent web performance, it has some really cool speed dial and tab features. Opera is really different. Be it the shortcuts, the standard browser buttons, the text fields and what not.

Safari 5
Safari and Chrome have recently been dominating their respective web spheres. Chrome in Windows and Safari in Mac. Mac has always had its unique niche. Even windows users are shifting to safari now. The html5 performance is third best. In fact apple announced full html5 support in all their products: iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Firefox 4 Beta
Ah, here’s the monster again. Firefox 4 beta offers some cool new features like Panorama. The UI is relatively light weight and fast. The main drawback is that most of the firefox plugins (including the indispensable Firebug and themes) are not supported by 4.0. But hey, the html5 performance looks fairy cool, considering the performance of other browsers. Nice!! Open Source always rocks.

Google Chrome
Of course, no surprises. Google has the sharpest brains on this planet. So it would have been a disgrace to them if they weren’t on the top of the list.
My main objective behind this article was to show you that html5 is still not in the picture. It’s still in development mode. All the fuss is just the beginning. It’s powerful no doubt, but still there are a lot of incompatibilities. And the top browsers still not support html5 completely.
But 2011 seems like the year of change. Many browsers are busy developing html5 compatible versions. Browser wars is hot and brewing. With many new beta version in the queue, we might have some surprising developments the next year on the browser front. Let’s wait and watch.

youtube history


Here’s YouTube’s history in a nutshell:

  1. Youtube was founded by three PayPal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. It is said that the idea of YouTube came when Chad and Steve had difficulties sharing a video of a party they celebrated at Chen’s house, with Karim, who refused to believe that any such party happened. Why does every big venture around has its ideas rooted in the most simplest of human activities. Interesting naa?
  2. Google Inc. bought YouTube in October 2006 for a whooping $1.65 million. Pheww! This was about an year after YouTube was opened to public in May 2005. Grew fast, didn’t it?
  3. YouTube is basically meant for users to share self-created videos. Although in it’s user’s agreement, it asks us not to upload copyrighted materials, when one uploads a video, it has no way of scrutinizing if the content of the video is copyrighted. This has led to a lot of controversies over the exploitation of secure content. Videos are scrutinized only when someone reports against it. Although it allows broadcasting by media giants, like the telecast of the cricket matches of the Indian Premiere League.

And for some fun, here’s the first ever video uploaded on youtube featuring founder Karim at a zoo:

Browser Shortcuts

>Hey, here is a list of some very useful browser shortcuts. Hope you find it useful.

The browsers that we tested are:

Safari 5.0.3 Chrome 8.0

Opera 10.63 Firefox 3.6.13
IE 9

1. Closing the present tab: Ctrl + f4

As all of us know that for opening a new tab has the shortcut: Ctrl + T, which works on all the browsers that I have tried. But for closing the present tab, the shortcut is barely used. Ctrl + f4 does this job and it works on all the five browsers. Opera, IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

2. Opening a link in a new tab: Ctrl + ‘click’ , in a new window: Shift + ‘Click’

Both the shortcuts work in Chrome, Firefox, IE and safari. In Opera, shift+’click’ opens the link in a new window. There is also something known as the background tab which means that the tab opened will not be in focus. For example if you click on a link in chrome while pressing down the Ctrl key, then the new tab opened is not in focus. It opens in the background. This is by default in all the above four browsers except opera, in which for doing this we need to use Ctrl + Shift + click.
3. Selecting the address bar : f6 for chrome & safari and f8 for opera
This shortcut selects the address bar and brings the cursor there to edit it. It works for Chrome, Firefox, IE and safari. While for Opera the button f8 has to be used.
More to come…
If the reader wants to share a browser shortcut, he is completely to do that. The shortcut should be which one really needs and makes surfing a lot easier.

CSS Dashed Underline

>Well, you must have noticed in text editors of Gmail or the Facebook commenting areas, that any wrongly spelled words are highlighted by putting a dashed underline. Some websites like the earlier WordPress site, used anchor texts (hyperlinked texts) with a dashed underline and a solid one on hover. So I started wondering if I could use it. And here’s what I finally have:

a {
border-bottom : 1px dashed #000000;
text-decoration: none;
color: #000000;

border-bottom: 1px solid #000000;

You’ll have to put this code in your code. In the ‘a’ tag, we are removing underline because by default the anchor tags are underlined. We are not really using the underline property for ti\his feature. Instead we are using the border property to highlight the border bottom. It’s dashed normally and solid on mouseover.

Here’s a demo:

This is dashed  link
while this is the standard link

Google Toilet


This video depicts an exaggerated opinion of what Google might be into. Privacy indeed is abused so much on the Internet. Individuals and fake companies are targeting innocent newbies and exploiting their lack of know how.

Invading privacy is not the only issue these days. Spam and Advertisements is also something that is polluting the Internet content and defeating the whole purpose of it being a knowledge sharing platform.